Compose Code Editor

A desktop code editor app using Jetpack Compose for Desktop and IntelliJ Platform.

Project Structure

The code is contained in the component folder. There are several modules:

  • :editor – Compose Code Editor component code
  • :platform:api – API of the platform that implements the IDE functions
  • :platform:lib – API implementation based on IntelliJ Platform

The demo application is contained in the demo folder.

Running demo application

Make sure that the JAVA_HOME environment variable is set before starting. For example, in macOS, just run:

export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home)

Running application:

cd demo
./gradlew run



  • Auto-suggestion and code completion: Ctrl+Space
  • Go to declaration: Ctrl+B (cmd+B on mac) or by click with Ctrl (cmd on mac)
  • Search:
    • Ctrl+F open the search bar
    • Ctrl+Enter return the focus to the editor
    • F3, Shift+F3 move to the next, previous search result. The search bar also supports the Up Down Enter Shift+Enter keys for moving through search results
    • Esc close the search bar
  • Functionality for highlighting code sections with the output of diagnostic messages



Create an instance of the Platform and initialize it. Only one initialized instance can exist at runtime. The platform cannot be re-initialized after stopping.

val platform = createPlatformInstance()

Creating project

Open a project or a separate file and get an instance of the Project.

val project = platform.openProject("/path/to/project")
val singleFileProject = platform.openFile("/path/to/file")

Adding libraries


If a directory is specified, all libraries from it and all its subdirectories will be loaded.

Creating compose component

Create an instance of the ProjectFile that contains information about the project and the file to be edited.
And pass it to the CodeEditor component.

val projectFile = createProjectFile(
    project = project,
    projectDir = "/path/to/project",
    absoluteFilePath = "/file/to/edit"


val singleFile = createProjectFile(
    project = singleFileProject,
    absoluteFilePath = "/path/to/file"


Closing project




Closes all open projects and deletes temporary files.

Diagnostic messages

The editor supports the output of diagnostic messages.
To do this, pass the list of DiagnosticElement to the component.


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