Project Introduction

MultiApp is a virtual Android container, which can open more apps. This project provides a simple UI for you to experience. You can also download the official apk from Google play to enjoy a better experience. If you are an android developer, you can also customize your own UI. You don’t need to pay attention to the technical details that are difficult to understand. You can use the api provided by opensdk to open more apps. If you have any questions during the experience, you can contact us by WeChat.

In addition, we will continue to fix problems and update opensdk code to provide you with the best experience.

You can watch the following videos to understand our capabilities

Without install Google play to enjoy <—-> Multiple open facebook

Principle Introduction

The traditional multi-opening solution relies on java dynamic proxy, inline hook, proxy forwarding and others to ensure app running in the virtual process. If the third-party app also uses the java dynamic proxy, there will be a problem because of the proxies will overlap each other, which will cause the third-party app’s code logic to change when it is running. Changes in logic “being” are so crazy, and may affect their earnings. I think traditional solutions cannot be defined as containers.

At the beginning of MultiApp technology selection, java dynamic proxy was abandoned, and binder components such as service, receiver, and provider are all maintained by MultiApp engine itself. It’s a pity that the Activity component must maintain its life cycle through a proxy, but we use a more reliable solution to ensure that it does not affect the code logic of the app. In addition, we have developed a more effective svc hook solution based on seccomp/bpf in native hook technology, and will enabled it in some scenarios such as 360 shell app. In general, we are closer to the sandbox concept.

Below I made two simple demos

1) Print the code running stack in the Activity.onCreate function, and use the traditional software, MultiApp, and android-system to open

public class MainActivity extends ButtonActivity {

    final static String TAG = "MainActivity";

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        new Exception().printStackTrace();

The code stack of the first picture is abnormal because of app running in traditional multi-open software, the second picture is the code stack run by MultiApp and the third is android system.




2) Determine whether the binder interface of ActivityManager is dynamically proxied, and run in traditional multi-open software and MultiApp

public class MainActivity extends ButtonActivity {

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        new Exception().printStackTrace();

            try {
                Class<?> class_ActivityManagerNative = Class.forName("");

                Method method_getDefault = class_ActivityManagerNative.getDeclaredMethod("getDefault");

                IInterface remote_ActivityManager = (IInterface) method_getDefault.invoke(null);

                boolean isProxy = remote_ActivityManager instanceof Proxy;

                Log.d("WaxMoon", String.format("ActivityManager(%s) is proxy: %s", remote_ActivityManager, isProxy));

            } catch (Exception ignore) {


This is the log of traditional multi-open software

11-25 17:56:38.823  5153  5153 D WaxMoon : ActivityManager($Stub$Proxy@8abaec7) is proxy: true

This is the log of MultiApp

11-25 17:59:13.804  8197  8197 D WaxMoon : ActivityManager($Stub$Proxy@79f3e55) is proxy: false


  • support android7-android13(android7-8 is under development)
  • support armv7-32, armv8-64
  • provide master pkg/assist pkg
  • support google play
  • multi-open app
  • without install to enjoy

Business Features

  • Function customization
  • Business license
  • others…

License Notes

Both this project and opensdk use the AGPL-3.0 license. Before publishing your software, please let us know your thoughts. In some cases, you can use it freely.

Safety Notes

From the perspective of code security and industry security, we disabled the software debugging function. If you have relevant legal needs, you can contact by wechat.

Contact Details

Wechat: WaxMoon2018 Email: [email protected]


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