A convenient library to show a shimmer effect while loading data. Easily convert your current view with a slick skeleton loading animation just by wrapping your view.

Redactable Example



Using JitPack, you’ll need to add to your repositories:

maven { url '' }

Then add the dependency:

implementation 'com.github.JustinGuedes:redactable-android:0.1.0'


Firstly, ensure your data class has a way to return a placeholder version of the class, i.e. dummy data so the library can show a redacted version of the view:

data class Object(...) {
  companion object {
    val placeholder: Object
      get() = Object(...) // Dummy data

Secondly, create a loadable property which allows you to control the state of the loading view:

private var _loadable = MutableStateFlow<Loadable<Object>>(Object.placeholder)
val loadable = _loadable.asStateFlow()

NOTE: The possible values for loadable are: Loading(Object), Loaded(Object), error(Error).

Lastly, wrap your composable in a LoadableView:

val loadable = viewModel.loadable.collectAsState()

LoadableView(loadable.value) { data ->
  // Use data


Redactable is released under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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