? A Compose UI data table library which allows developers to seamless integrate visually appealing and customizable tables to their Android apps or IOS apps.

Features ?

  • Display tabular data with ease: The library allows you to display a list of data items in a well-organized table format.

  • Customizable header titles: Customize the appearance of header titles with options for border color, width, text style, and background color.

  • Alternating row colors: Easily set up alternating background colors for rows, enhancing the visual presentation of your data.

  • Styling options: Customize the appearance of table rows, including border color, width, and text style.

  • Table elevation: Control the elevation of the entire table with a customizable elevation value.

  • Rounded corners: Set the shape of the table’s corners, with a default rounded corner shape for a sleek look.

Getting Started ?

To use the BeeTablesCompose library, follow these steps:

  • Make sure your target JAVA SDK VERSION_17 since the target version of the library was built with JAVA SDK VERSION_17.

  • Add this to your project build.gradle file or settings.gradle.kts file, depending on which version of Android Studio you are using;

  • Add the dependency: Include the library in your project’s dependencies;

dependencies {
  • Import the library: Import the BeeTablesCompose function into your Compose-based project.

  • Prepare your data: Organize your data in a list of objects to be displayed in the table.

  • Define the header titles: Create a list of header titles that will be displayed at the top of the table.

  • Use the BeeTablesCompose function: Invoke the BeeTablesCompose function with your data and header titles as parameters to generate the data table.

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