The Minecraft mod loader that makes a difference.


What is this?

UniLoader is a Minecraft mod loader which fixes issues that other mod loaders have overlooked in the past, and pretty much reinvents the wheel to do so. The entire project is written from scratch, aside from borrowing a few small components from existant loaders.

We take the best aspects of both Fabric and Forge and combine them into one beautifully executed mod loader which fits all your needs, whether you’re a user or a developer. This means we also include a massive built-in API (no additional mods for this!) to make mods not just more stable, but significantly easier to make.

UniLoader also contains additional very useful features which other mod loader simply lack, such as optional built-in mods which make it easier to use the loader itself. These include things like a built-in mod browser (powered by Modrinth) and mod menu.

You’ll see more info here as we progress with the project’s lifecycle. Join our Discord server to keep up with any updates!

How do I run it?

As of right now, UniLoader is not available for use as a user. If you’re a developer, it is possible to run the loader from within the project itself using the automatically generated IntelliJ IDEA run configurations.

This project is licensed under LGPL-3.0. © 2022 UnifyCraft


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