ChatGPT Tool

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A ChatGPT plugin for IntelliJ Platform-Based IDEs.


? Easy to use, without annoyingly token copy, just login once and you are ready to go.


  • Using IDE built-in plugin system:

    Settings/Preferences > Plugins > Marketplace > Search for "ChatGPT Tool" > Install Plugin

  • Manually:

    Download the latest release and install it manually using Settings/Preferences > Plugins > ⚙️ > Install plugin from disk...


  1. Register a OpenAI account.
  2. Open tool window “ChatGPT”, login is required for the first time:
  3. Just ask ChatGPT anything you want:

Note After your login, your session token is saved in Settings. The first time use it, you can set it with a valid session token so that you don’t have to log in. You can also copy this session token for other usage, like use another ChatGPT client which require token.


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