A Chat-Bot Android Application.


  1. Sekobanashi is a chat-bot/assistant android application where the user can chat with one of the four named bots and ask to perform different functions.
  2. User Authentication(signin/login/logout) with firebase
  3. The bot can perform many functions like opening the gallery, searching for anything that you enter, playing a game, telling date and time, telling jokes,etc and all these functionalities and the bots themselves are made with kotlin.
  4. This app provides a beautiful and interactive UI for the user to chat with the bot.
  5. The user can delete any of the comments just by clicking on it.
  6. An aesthetic app icon and splash screen.

Tech Stack Used

  1. Kotlin
  2. Firebase
  3. Android Studio
  4. XML

Concepts Used

  1. Recycler View
  2. Kotlin Coroutines




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