A catalog of entertainment topics, raging from television to books, to anime

The project presents catalogs of recent movies, top 150 imdb series, most downloaded book in the gutenberg project, anime and manga form my anime list with a search screeen to search for any of the above mentioned topics.

to run the project you need to get your own api key from https://developer.nytimes.com/apis for movies – load api in movieCatalogViewModel.kt https://imdb-api.com/ load api in MovieCatalogViewModel.kt, TvSeriesCatalogViewModel.kt and DetailsViewModel.kt

alternatively you could follow this tutorial https://medium.com/programming-lite/securing-api-keys-in-android-app-using-ndk-native-development-kit-7aaa6c0176be and add a jni folder with the api-keys in movie/screen-movie/src/main

books and anime do not require an api key.

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