Xander’s Fabric Template for Kotlin

The best Fabric template using kotlin.


Mod Development:

  • Please read the Fabric Wiki for general mod development help.

Using the template

  • Click the big green Use this template button to clone the template to your GitHub.
  • Replace relevant information in the files
    • build.gradle.kts
      • group
      • version
    • src/main/resources/fabric.mod.json
      • basically everything in there
      • I recommend you use the LGPL 2.1 license
    • README.md
      • Can’t forget this! It’s what your reading now!
  • Once set up in your IDE of choice, you will probably want to run your mod. Here are a few options
    • You can use gradlew run to run from the command line.
    • You can create a run configuration in your IDE with the gradle commands run.
    • Use the automatically populated run configuration that fabric-loom generated for you. (sometimes this doesn’t work)
    • Run in a production environment by building a jar with gradlew build.


  • This template is licensed under The Unlicense in an attempt to gift this project to the public domain.
    (you can use this however you want)


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