Suspendable CrudRepositories for Spring-Boot

This repo contains wrapper classes for Spring-Boot CrudRepositories with a suspendable API for use with Kotlin Coroutines. This is achieved my moving the execution context of the repository calls to a different CoroutineDispatcher.

Copy-paste the classes from this repository to your project.

Usage as follows for both SuspendableCrudRepository and SuspendableJpaRepository:

// Define classic blocking repository first.
// Use this only as autowired bean in your actual repository component further below.
interface BlockingMyEntityRepository : CrudRepository<MyEntity, Long>

// Define the repository you are actually going to use 
// as a @Component annotated class extending from SuspendableCrudRepository.
class MyEntityRepository(
    override val internalRepo: BlockingMyEntityRepository,
) : SuspendableCrudRepository<MyEntity, Long> {
    override val dispatcher: CoroutineDispatcher = Dispatchers.IO // Define your custom Dispatcher here or inject as bean as well.

If you require custom methods or methods annotated with @Query, you will have to define them in BlockingMyEntityRepository as usual and add a suspend override fun ...(...) with the save method signature to MyEntityRepository that uses withContext(dispatcher) to call the blocking method in BlockingMyEntityRepository, just as done everywhere in SuspendableCrudRepository.


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