Internet sharing without Root

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Share your Android device’s Internet connection with other devices without needing Root.

WideFi works by creating a Wi-Fi Direct legacy group and an HTTP proxy server. Devices can connect to the broadcasted WiFi network by locating the WiFi SSID displayed in the application and using the password. Once connected to the network, a device can connect to the Internet by setting it’s proxy server settings to the server created by the WideFi application at port 8228.

Please note that WideFi is still a work in progress and not everything will work. For example, using WideFi to get an open NAT type on consoles is currently not possible, and WideFi also currently fails to connect correctly to the Playstation Network. General “normal” internet browsing should work fine – however it is depedent on the speed and availability of your Android device’s internet connection.


WideFi respects your privacy. WideFi is open source, and always will be. WideFi will never track you, or sell or share your data. WideFi offers in-app purchases which you may purchase to support the developer. These purchases are never required to use the application or any features.

PLEASE NOTE: WideFi is not a fully FOSS application. This is due to the fact that it relies on a proprietary In-App Billing library for in-app purchases in order to stay policy compliant with the leading marketplace.


WideFi is developed in the open on GitHub at:


If you know a few things about Android programming and are wanting to help out with development you can do so by creating issue tickets to squash bugs, and propose feature requests for future inclusion.

Issues or Questions

Please post any issues with the code in the Issues section on GitHub. Pull Requests will be accepted on GitHub only after extensive reading and as long as the request goes in line with the design of the application.


Apache 2

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Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
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