Waple helps you share your Wi-Fi password quickly.??

Production intention ?

Wi-Fi passwords are usually complicated for security purposes. When trying to use Wi-Fi at a cafe, the password is long and complicated, which is cumbersome. You can also type it incorrectly because you see it directly and type it.

Have you ever looked into a Wi-Fi router to give a password to a guest who invited you home?

Waple is designed to connect Wi-Fi directly with just a few touches, without having to memorize or write down the Wi-Fi password. It includes a function that allows the store to select the PIN number entry item in consideration of the case where it wants to provide the password only to the buyer.

Key Features ?

Waple is a service that helps fast and easy Wi-Fi password sharing using sound communication Euphony. It provides the following functions:

(Wi-Fi provider)

  • Set shop Wi-Fi name, password setting
  • Optional password provision via simple numeric code (PIN) input (✔You can choose if you want)

(Wi-Fi user)

  • Provide a password with store name information
  • Connect directly to Wi-Fi or copy password
  • Save the Wi-Fi history you recently received (✔Additional functionality)

How it works ?

  1. Wi-Fi providers register store names, Wi-Fi passwords, PINs, etc. in advance in Wi-Fi Registration

  2. When the user presses Find Wi-Fi, the user checks the list of providers who have registered their passwords in the waffle.

  3. If the user selects the Wi-Fi he or she wants, the password of the Wi-Fi is obtained.


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