Vien Health Android coding challenge


There’s a series of tasks to complete for the coding challenge.
Make sure you add unit tests for code that you write!

In no particular order, the tasks are:

1. Add pagination

The source data comes from here so you can tweak the URL to read ?_page=2&_limit=20 (for example) to make the data paginated.

Bonus: leave some comments in the code around this specific way of paginating, and if there are any issues you can see by fetching “page 1”, “page 2”, and limiting.

2. Fix broken tests

There are some unit tests that are broken, fix them.

What we are looking for

Please don’t spend more than 3 hours on the test, we understand that your time is important.

  • Clear, easy to read, self-documenting code.
  • Clear, concise, and easy to read unit tests.
  • Consistency with existing code: Architecturally, semantically, and idiomatically.
  • Commit history: we should be able to follow how you approached the problem, what the iterations were, and how roughly long it took.
  • Task completion.

If you would like to leave any feedback, please edit the README, and leave your comment below here:


I came across some inline comments in the source code that seem to be action points such as the one in the showPosts(posts: List<Post>) in the PostsActivity class
and render(state: PostDetailScreenState) in the PostDetailActivity class. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to act on those comments since they were not mentioned in the
task list in this file.
Anyways, I fixed the one in the PostsActivity class


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