Use Espresso to write concise, beautiful, and reliable Android UI tests.

Espresso is easy to learn and yet remains open for customization. Espresso tests state expectations, interactions, and assertions clearly without the distraction of boilerplate content, custom infrastructure, or messy implementation details getting in the way.

Espresso tests run optimally fast! It lets you leave your waits, syncs, sleeps, and polls behind while it manipulates and asserts on the application UI when it is at rest.

Target audience

Espresso is targeted at developers, who believe that automated testing is an integral part of the development lifecycle. While it can be used for black-box testing, Espresso’s full power is unlocked by those who are familiar with the codebase under test.

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All the information about Espresso is taken from the official site for teaching users in a more relative way!

Additional resources

For more information about using Espresso in Android tests, consult the following resources.



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