idk – implementing deep keyboard

Transpiling a imaginary language to Nasm for Linux-x86_64.

Currently, using Kotlin as the interpreter and compiler, but will change in the future.

WARN: Don’t try to learn from this. Not worth.

Current plans required for turing complete:

Turing completion needs:

  • Basic math: +, -, *, /
  • Conditions: if
  • Loop: while
  • Memory Access: read and write

Function declaration and call:

  • Functions require blocks even if they are empty.
  • The keyword is fn
  • Calling a function require semicolons at the end.

fn main() {
    println("Hello world");

Variable declaration, assign and access:

  • Mutable or not, they can be represented with var for mutable and val for immutable.
  • Require a semicolon at the end. Like the mom of all languages.

var a = 69; //Mutable
val b = 79; //Const
a = 420;

Control Flow: (Experimental)

  • Parenthesis aren’t required, at least for now…
  • Pretty much the same thing as all the other languages.

if x < 0 x = 10;
else y > 10 y = 0;
else x--;


  • The while loop does everything.
while x < 1000 doLogic();

Memory access:

  • I know that memory access is a bit controversial for security, but this is a hobby language that anyone uses lol.

mem[addr] = 69;
var b = mem[addr];

How to? If you are interested!

Only working in the imaginary land. So run ./gradlew test to run the current AST tests.

./gradlew test


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