Shattered Ring Tracker

This project is an RPG game tracker where the user can keep a journal of details about their game, including:


  • Track the NPCs you’ve met
  • Add notes for the NPC
  • Track whether the NPCs are merchants
  • Track quests the NPCs have given you
  • Track locations where you’ve interacted with the NPC


  • Track locations you’ve visited
  • Add notes for a location
  • Track whether you’ve cleared a location
  • Track the amenities that a location has, such as a smithy anvil, merchants, or NPCs
  • List the NPCs in a location


  • Track quests
  • Add notes for a quest
  • Track whether you’ve completed a quest

You can keep track of multiple games or playthroughs with Shattered Ring Tracker. Use it to track which locations, NPCs, and quests you’ve discovered and completed in each playthrough of Elden Ring. Or use it to keep tabs on important details in your RPG campaign, such as a regular D&D game.

The Tech

This app is written with JetPack Compose in Kotlin and uses Realm Database to store data.


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