Tell Me I Cheat Now!

Go ahead, tell me I cheat now! You won’t!

What is this?

This is a rewritten version of the TMICN project. The old version remains archived here.

This version makes use of data-driven protocol definitions, and is therefore more flexible and extensible and less cumbersome to work on. By using data-driven protocol definitions, you can easily add new protocols to the system, and easily keep up with changes to the system.

We make use of TOML for defining protocol definitions.

Automatically generated documentation based on the protocols specified in this branch are available here.


This library is designed to help with communicating that a player is not cheating when confronted with a client-side anti-cheat check.


With this library, we are not encouraging cheating, nor we provide a way to do so. We are simply providing a way to communicate with the server-side code that is responsible for the anti-cheat check.

Supported Servers

  • CraftLandia Farewell (1.5.2)


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