Time Tracker Application

This Application is to serve two purposes.

  1. Learning Android Development
  2. Tracking Time


Language and Libraries


  • Could not get MutableLiveData to update on Insert/Update/Delete. Fix in progress


  • Categories for Tracking
  • Graphic view of the Time Spent
  • Unit Testing


  • This does not use Android Fragments API.
  • This does not use a Retrofit call
  • This was not designed to have Animations and Transitions
  • There is no implementation for change in orientation for now but this may follow


There are a lot of ways to use the tracker. By tracking the time you spend on an activity like Exercise, Reading, Spending time with Family etc., you get an idea of how you are doing with your Resolutions and Goals. This app can be used to lead a Mindful Life where you exactly know you spend more of your time on things that matter and less on things that dont.
This can thought of similar to a Calorie or Workout Tracker except this can be anything you want it to be.




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