This Android App connects with Ticketmaster API and retrieve a list of events


Technologies Used:

  • Android SDK

  • MVVM Pattern:

    • View: Layout and Fragments
    • ViewModel: To handle the business logic and update the UI with liveData attributes.
    • Repository: which handle the logice where the data is coming from (LocalStorage, or RemoteStorage)
    • LocalStorage: Is responsible to extract or Save data into the cache or local database. In this case, into the secured SharedPreferences.
    • RemoteStorage: Is responsible to make the API calls using retrofit instance and handle the error responses.
  • Databinding – To update the UI whenever any LiveData changes

  • BindginAdapter – To run complex logic whenever the LiveData updates in order to update de UI

  • Navigation Graph – To navigate between screens. For now, this app only contains 1 Fragment.

  • SharedPreferences – To store the last success response data

  • Hilt – Dependency Injection, I have created 1 Hilt Components: MainModule. This is a component installed in SingletonComponent to be used in the application context. Here this module is providing LocalStorage, RemoteStorage, NetworkManager, Retrofit instance and much more.

  • Glide: To load and render external images from URL

  • Retrofit: To make API calls to ticketMaster API

  • OkHttp Interceptor: To intercept all api calls, then attach the apikey into the query params.

  • Testing:

    • Implemented 4 test cases using robolectric and Mockito.
      • TicketMasterRepositoryTest (2 Test Cases)
      • EventsListViewModelTest (2 Test Cases)

Bottom line:

  • There are some pendings TODO, to complete te UI.
  • This project does not include any Automation test, due to lack of time, I was not able to do it. But still planning to do it in a next iteration.


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