The Spring Boot back-end application for our mobile app college project

This uses the Spring Boot framework and acts as a REST API endpoint, which is ran in a cloud server — such as Linode — which is then connected to MariaDB.

Cloning the Repository

Make sure to clone the bms-utils repository in the same location as this one for the image analysis to work

  1. Go to your preferred directory
  2. Create an empty directory called tmp-imgs
  3. Open your terminal and execute [email protected]:laazyCmd/bms-backend.git
  4. Import the project, using your preferred IDE
  5. Wait for Maven to load dependencies
  6. Before running, ensure that in src/main/resources/
    • You are using your preferred database URL in spring.datasource.url
    • You are using your correct driver in spring.datasource.driver-class-name
  7. Go to src/main/kotlin/MainApplication.kt, then press SHIFT + F10 to run the application
  8. Open your browser, and go see http://localhost:8080 if this is successfully running


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