The source files to the prototype app for the TomTom n.EXT Hackathon.

We are team MoTomized from Codam Coding College attempting to design an app for motorcyclists, providing them with a safe and fun way to create routes and travese them together.

What we did in this project:
We took the android example project provided by TomTom in order to understand the SDK and give us a point from which to start.
After we spend two days trying to make the sample project to work, we finally succeeded, but this didn’t leave us enough time to really make any changes.
The changes we actually managed to make include some refactoring and significantly increasing the actual speed (mph) of the auto-traverse option.

It took a lot of time to get Android Studio and the example to work on my older laptop. After thankfully receiving a temporary replacement from TomTom, I managed to get the example working somewhat a lot faster. This did mean I had to transfer to a MacBook which took some time to get used to. Eventually I even got the routing option to work, I am definitely proud of that considering I don’t know of any team that got it to work.


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