What is this?

This repository contains the source code for SuCraft. You can help in three ways:

  • If there is a bug on the server, please report it, or if there is a feature you want, request it (create a new issue under Issues)
  • Change the code yourself, and make a pull request (so I can add your changes)
  • If there is a tiny mistake in the code or you think you identified something, you can also just create an issue for it or send me updated code directly

How to help with the code

What you need to know about: Java Tutorial and Kotlin Tutorial (programming languages), Paper Tutorial (server software), IntelliJ (code editor), Git with GitHub Tutorial (collaboration tool), Lombok (extension of Java), Maven (using dependencies). If you don’t know some of these, don’t worry too much, you can figure it out along the way too, that’s how I learnt a lot of these things. For questions, you can ask Martijn in #development.

1. Download the code

Clone this repository. The easiest way is by going to:

  • Fork (in the right top)

Then go to the forked version (YourGitHubName/SuCraft in your repositories) and do:

  • Code > Open with GitHub Desktop

Download the GitHubDesktop program, and clone the code to wherever you like (for example C:/Users/Martijn/Desktop/SuCraft/code).

2. Open it in a code editor

Of course, you must have installed Java JDK 17 (not Java 16, and not Java JRE 17, you can check your Java JDK version by opening cmd and typing javac -version (not *java -version)). To edit the code, I recommend using the IntelliJ since it comes with all the languages and tools used. Then you can import all the SuCraft code at once:

  • File > New > Project from Existing Sources… > Select the directory you put the code in (e.g. C:/Users/Martijn/Desktop/SuCraft/code) > Import project from external model > Maven > Finish

3. Start a test server

You should start a new Paper server (download the latest .jar from the Paper website and place it where you want to run the test server (for example C:/Users/Martijn/Desktop/SuCraft/testserver). Rename the jar you downloaded to server.jar.

Create a new file in the same folder, called server.bat, and open it with Notepad, and type

java -jar server.jar

Now you can run server.bat and it will start the server. One time, you will have to open eula.txt and set it to true. The first time the server has started, it will generated a folder called plugins.

Then you should add all the plugins to the /plugins folder. In IntelliJ you can easily compile all plugins. The first time, you must do this:

  • To have the plugin .jars automatically placed into the test server plugins folder, you have to create a new file called in the root folder (next to the LICENSE and files). In the file, type (replace the C:/Users/Martijn/Desktop/SuCraft/testserver with your own test server path, please use / instead of \):


  • After saving that file, click on Maven on the vertical tab on the right side of the screen > SuCraft > Lifecycle > Right-click install > Execute After Build

To compile all plugins and place them in your plugins folder automatically, you can now:

  • Click the green play button in the top-right (Run Maven Build)

After the first time, you can probably also click the green hammer button in the top toolbar (Build Project).

Now you can change the code yourself and also test the changes!

For questions, you can ask Martijn in #development.


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