Spring Service Scaffold

A scaffold for a web service operating with a Spring Framework backend, reactjs
as frontend and a continuous testing and building pipeline, built on gradle, junit5
and GitHub actions.



This repository builds a Java 17 application serving a webapp and web service using the Spring Framework on Reactive Stack.
See ApiController class for the implementation of a controller.


A reactjs application created with the create-react-app script.

Continuous Building/Testing

Besides JUnit 5, this scaffold employs the following tools for building and testing:

  1. Gradle plugin for the OWASP dependency check, to spot vulnerabilities in the JARs dependencies.
  2. Gradle plugin for Checkstyle to verify code formatting.
  3. Gradle JIB plugin for building a docker image out of the JAR.
  4. Dependabot to update outdated gradle dependencies.
  5. Spring Boot Integration for Sentry.


After forking the repository to build your new web services, complete the following TODOs:


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