Task Graph Assertions Gradle Plugin

Add assertions to be aware that your complex gradle build tasks hierarchy is still here.

How to use

  1. Configure desired checks by applying plugin to project (root or whatever project/module you need to check)

    plugins {
        id 'com.revolut.task-graph-assertions'
    taskGraphAssertions {
        whenExecuted {
            register(":build") {
                assertTasksTriggered.addAll(":check", ":assemble")
                assertProjectProperties.put("customProperty", "true")
  2. Run check by executing requested task

    ./gradlew :build --dry-run

    Check build log for message: Task ':build' was requested. All assertions are OK!

CI usage

To setup regular checks on CI, please keep in mind that every requested task should be checked in separate build. Different tasks in single build will result in assertions interfering with each other.

Log Level

By default, plugin logs messages visible with default LIFECYCLE level. You can change it with:

import org.gradle.api.logging.LogLevel

taskGraphAssertions {


Q: Plugin keep saying [TaskGraphAssertionsPlugin] Task 'myCustomTask' was not executed. Skip assertions, but I am requesting exactly this task by calling ./gradlew myCustomTask.

A: Most likely project that has com.revolut.task-graph-assertions plugin applied doesn’t have myCustomTask. Gradle treats tasks without : prefix differently: it tries to find task with that name across all subprojects and runs it.

You can solve it in two ways:

  • by specifying full path of expected task, like :myfeature:myCustomTask
  • by registering a lifecycle :myCustomTask on root project, that all :<module>:myCustomTask will depend on.


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