Kotlin Xcode Sync

Note Soon to be deprecated. You can add folder references instead. See here.

Import kotlin files into an Xcode project. This is used in conjunction with the Xcode Kotlin plugin to allow for Kotlin/Native debugging in an iOS application.

Importing Kotlin files into Xcode is somewhat tricky to do manually. This plugin will facilitate that.

It is called “Sync”, but currently it will only add new files. Renamed or removed files will need to be handled manually in Xcode.

We’re Hiring!

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Add the following to the buildscript section:

buildscript {
    dependencies {
        classpath 'co.touchlab:kotlinxcodesync:0.2'

Apply the plugin in the shared code project, and configure the plugin

apply plugin: 'co.touchlab.kotlinxcodesync'

xcodeSync {
  projectPath = "../../iosApp/iosApp.xcodeproj"
  target = "iosApp"

The ‘projectPath’ points at the Xcode project folder. ‘target’ is the target inside the Xcode project. There’s also the optional parameter ‘group’, which by default is set to ‘Kotlin’. That is the group folder that files are copied into.