MIPlusCBT(Substance Abuse Disorder App)

Jacob Grinstead, Jacob Pacheco, and Zachary Stiles This project aims to create a virtual equivalent to a Substance Abuse Disorder Intervention program that has been developed by Dr. Mumba and the Capstone College of Nursing.

This process will consist of several steps: -Converting all information from the provided manual into digital formatting -Create additional interactivity as the program is typically in a group setting -Gather user data so program organizers can have quantitative results on their users as well as see how the program is impacting an individual participant

Tools used for creation of the app: -Android Studio, IDE made for development and testing of Android apps -Kotlin, Language derived from Java made for app backend development -React, Frontend framework

Example User Experience: -Participant will launch app and be asked to login to their account. -After successfully logging in they will receive a small greeting along with a small survey gauging their motivation and attitude for the day. -They will then navigate past the homepage to the module they previously were working on utilizing the navbar. -They will then work through the given provided module activities at their own pace. -At anytime they may navigate to a list of resources and contacts which they can utilize if need be.


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