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An Android app consuming a Crypto Compare API to Cryptocurrency market price it has been built with clean architecture principles, Repository Pattern and MVVM pattern as well as Architecture Components.

Table of Contents


The Application is split into a three layer architecture:

  • Presentation
  • Domain
  • Data

Architecture Flow Diagram

This provides better abstractions between framework implementations and the underlying business logic.It requires a number of classes to get things running but the pros outweigh the cons in terms of building an app that should scale.

The 3 layered architectural approach is majorly guided by clean architecture which provides a clear separation of concerns with its Abstraction Principle.


app contains the UI files and handles binding of DI components from other modules. Binding of data is facilitated by jetpacks data binding by serving data from the viewmodel to the UI.The data being received is part of a viewstate class that has properties contained in the relevant state.


The domain module contains domain model classes which represent the data we will be handling across presentation and data layer.

Use cases are also provided in the domain layer and orchestrate the flow of data from the data layer onto the presentation layer and a split into modular pieces serving one particular purpose.

The UseCases use a BaseUseCase interface that defines the parameters its taking in and output this helps in creating fakes using in testing.


  • data-remote

Handles data interacting with the network and is later serverd up to the presentation layer through domain object

  • data-local

Handles persistence of object with Room ORM from.This module is responsible for handling all local related logic and serves up data to and from the presentation layer through domain objects.

With this separation we can easily swap in new or replace the database being used without causeing major ripples across the codebase.


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