A very simple recipe / dish list app for Android.

If you are coming here from YouTube

Then you will want to select the live-stream branch. That is where all the code that I have done during the live streams lives!


This app is currently a work in progress and was started during my YouTube Live Stream (First Video Here:

HOWEVER I want to enable others to get involved with this project and contribute to this codebase, maybe as part of Hacktoberfest or simply to get your hands dirty in a MODERN android codebase.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. If you would like to contribute then please check the issues tab above and I will make sure to update a list of potential “Things-to-do” and label them correctly.

Side Note: For anyone that is worried that this might effect my future upcoming live streams, where I will continue to work on this repository, then please do NOT fear, I have branched away from the main branch and created a branch called live-stream that only I will be able to update, however when you contribute you can make your PR and point it directly at main and I will simply work happily and seperately on my stream on my little isolated branch… (p.s. thank you for worrying about me)

Important things to note

The aim of this app is to be a proper, professional, modern & clean app. That means that my branch live-stream will always attempt to keep strictly to the MVVM (clean) architecture pattern, however this does not HAVE TO be the same in the main branch.

Feel free to code however you like and if you would like, I will happily give you feedback in order to help you learn if you would like it…

Progress & API

So the app relies upon the excellent mealdb api that provides the caller with different food based information.

For this project the basic idea is to have 3 screens:

  • The List of Food Categories screen (Done in Stream #1) [CategoryScreen]
  • The List of Dishes in a category screen (Not Started)
  • The Individual Dish Detail screen (Not Started)

The idea was for the first screen to be the CategoryScreen and there the user will see a list of food categories, then the user can click one of these categories and be taken to the List of dishes screen where they will see a different list of all the dishes that exist in that category. Finally the user can click one of these dishes to bring up the 3rd screen Dish detail screen and see information about the specific dish, how to cook it, ingredients, image etc…

For each screen there is a different end point on the mealdb api, these are as follows:

Where you see underscores above (____) this is where missing information needs to go, this information will be decided on what the user clicks as part of their journey.
For the filter api there we need the name of a category and for the lookup api there we need a unique dish id.

What next

Well really simple… Go check the issues tab if you want to get involed.

In the future, if you want a build of this app then you will have two choices…

  1. A community open source version of the app, which will hopefully have been built by many contributors. For that version you need to use the main branch.
  2. A version built solely by me, that was built during the YouTube live streams. For that version you need to use the live-stream branch.

Good Luck! You got this, give it a go, literally nothing can go wrong!