Composing With Confidence

This is the sample repository for the Composing With Confidence presentation from Droidcon NYC in 2022. If you run the sample app, you won’t see much other than a basic login form that requires filling out a username and password before navigating into a basic home screen.

The main benefit of this repo is to run and explore different testing options in Jetpack Compose. The main points of interest are the following:

  1. The PrimaryButtonTest file shows how we can test an individual component by itself.
  2. The PrimaryButtonPaparazziTest shows how we can use the Paparazzi library to screenshot test on the JVM.
  3. The MainActivityTest shows how we can write a full integration test to verify a screen’s behavior including navigation.

If you’d like to view the slides from this presentation, you can find them in the presentation folder.


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