Android CI

Run Node.js on Android by rewrite Node.js in Java with the compatible API.

third-party: libuvpp, libuv-java JNI code by Oracle.


Clone the code, open Android Studio (1.*) and import the project.

For Eclipse ADT user, refer to ADT branch

Javascript code injection

> adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -n com.iwebpp.nodeandroid/.MainActivity -e js "var run = function () { return 'hello world'; } run();"


JS runtime

  • Rhino supported
  • Exposed node-android packages: com.iwebpp.node.http,,, etc
  • Exposed node-android classes: com.iwebpp.node.EventEmitter2, com.iwebpp.node.Dns, com.iwebpp.node.Url, etc
  • Exposed node-android native context in JS standard scope as NodeCurrentContext alias NCC
  • Exposed Android API: android.util.Log
  • NodeJS compatible internal modules are available in JS standard scope
  • Exposed WebSocket classes: com.iwebpp.wspp.WebSocket, com.iwebpp.wspp.WebSocketServer

JS usage

  • In case Rhino, create class ‘MyScript’ extends from com.iwebpp.node.js.rhino.Host
  • Implement ‘public String content()’ in ‘MyScript’ to return user script
  • Execute JS engine in a separate Java Thread with ‘MyScript.execute()’
  • When authoring script, please use NodeCurrentContext(alias NCC) in node-android API
  • JS API usages details


  • API doc, more demos
  • JS runtime CommonJS/AMD compliance

Support us

  • Welcome contributing on document, codes, tests and issues

### License

(see LICENSE file)

Copyright (c) 2014-present Tom Zhou([email protected])