RPG written in Kotlin using the Korge engine

Based on the template, this is a simple pixel art RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. You are a herbalist, grinding plants for simple lotions and potions, but with ambitions to become a powerful alchemist. Grow your business by selling healing, mana and other potions to the wandering NPCs, fulfill quests for Knights or even the King and Queen, and go on expeditions to find new ingredients with seeminly magical properties.

Refine and research these herbs and minerals – you won’t know what they can do without some trial and error! – to create ever more potent potions. Perhaps one day you will learn the secret of transmuting Lead into Gold, and becoming the true Master Alchemist? But what cost will your research and experiments burden your once-peaceful village with? Will your search for alchemy lead you down a path of cruelty and desperate acts, or can you use your skills for the greater good of the Kingdom?



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