Restler has been built with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It allows you send custom HTTP/HTTPS requests and test your REST API anywhere and anytime.



  • Requests you send are automatically saved so that you can come back and review at any time;
  • Save and organize your requests in folders and load requests without writing its attributes again;
  • Favorite requests and folders so they can be shown at the top and accessed quickly;
  • Edit body, url parameters and headers attributes easily;
  • Parses and displays the complete raw response including headers, cookies, status, etc;
  • Supports gzip, deflate and brotli decompression formats;
  • Restler supports the most common HTTP methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, HEAD, PATCH, OPTIONS) and custom methods;
  • Supports Basic, Bearer Token, Hawk and Digest authentication methods;
  • Import collections from Postman, Insomnia (JSON and YAML) or Restler format;
  • Export collections to Postman, Insomnia (JSON) or Restler format;
  • Manage cookies and send them with your request;
  • Quickly copy the response body, headers and cookies received;
  • Autocompletes headers with commonly-used values;
  • Switch easily between HTTP, HTTPS and HTTP2;
  • Beautify the response body received;
  • Use tabs to keep multiple requests open at the same time and switch between them without losing data;
  • Add Client Certificates, Proxy servers and DNS resolvers;
  • Response Caching (RFC 7234);
  • WebSocket & SSE;
  • Workspace;
  • Environment Variables;

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