Project to reproduce question from Stackoverflow

Question: Profile based Spring Cloud Config Server client with optional local developer properties

How to use this repository


  • JDK 17


  1. Load project as Gradle project

  2. Create a new run configuration with main class de.qhun.stackoverflow.q72736083.configServer.ConfigServerApplicationKt

  3. Set runtime module to configServer

  4. Ignore setting any Spring Boot profile (will default to default)

  5. Create a new run configuration with main class de.qhun.stackoverflow.q72736083.client.ClientApplicationKt

  6. Set runtime module to client

  7. Setting Spring Boot profile to dev

  8. Launch the Config Server. When done, launch the client.


  1. $ ./gradlew build
  2. $ java -jar ./configServer/build/libs/configServer.jar
  3. Open a new terminal
  4. $ java -jar ./client/build/libs/client.jar

Expected console output of the client

Fetching config from server at : http://localhost:8888
Tomcat initialized with port(s): 1111 (http)
Started ClientApplicationKt in 2.815 seconds (JVM running for 3.244)

What should it be

The client should launch on port 2222 as this is configured via application-dev.yml within the project root.


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