A rootless a Reddit android app mod

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⚠️ NOTE ⚠️

This project is currently a Work-in-progress (WIP) and is not yet functional.
Please come back later.


  • Rootless!! RedditVanced uses Pine to hook into methods at runtime.
  • Security: Every plugin change is reviewed before publishing an update
  • Plugin system (No rebuilding the app)
  • Custom app themes (WIP)


⚠️ Absolutely no free premium or free coins. Asking will earn you a free mute/block.

CPU architectures: arm and arm64
This means x86 and x86_64 are unsupported, no emulators.

Android versions: 7 (SDK 24) – 12L (SDK 32)

Reddit version: v2021.47.0 (394342) (Installer will download automatically)


  • Pine – Dynamic java method hook framework on ART
  • Aliucord – Discord Android app mod

Code heavily inspired by Aliucord, although almost entirely rewritten.
Used under the Open Software License v3


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