Goals microservice

Kotlin + Spring CRUD application.

You can find the following operations:

  • GET /goals
  • GET /goals/{id}
  • POST /goals
  • PUT /goals/{id}
  • PATCH /goals/{id}
  • DELETE /goals/{id}

Clone the project:

git clone https://github.com/gabrielbabler/ms-goals.git

Then go into the directory you just cloned:

cd ms-goals

Run the following commands to build the project:

To download all dependencies and build it:

mvn clean install

To build the postgres image through docker-compose:

docker-compose -f /src/main/resources/docker-compose/docker-compose.yml up -d

To check if postgres image is running good (via terminal):

docker ps

Run ms-goals in a container:

Create a new image:

docker image build .

Once it finishes, it will generate the image id, get it and then run:

docker container run -e SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE=dev {id}

This way, we are initializing the microservice pointing to the dev environment. We are using the variables present on the application-dev.yml


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