Copyright (c) 2022 by Fred George
May be used freely except for training; license required for training.

OO Boot Camp reference implementation for Jordanian client in Kotlin
in January 2022.

Kotlin is relatively easy to setup with IntelliJ IDEA.
Gradle is used for building and testing the project, and is a
prerequisite. Install if necessary.
The following instructions are for installing the code
in IntelliJ 2021 by JetBrains.
Adapt as necessary for your environment.

Note: This implementation was setup to use:

  • IntelliJ 2021.4.1
  • Kotlin 1.6.10
  • Java SDK 17.0.2 (Oracle)
  • Gradle 7.3.3
  • JUnit 5.8.2 for testing

Open the reference code:

  • Download the source code from github.com/fredgeorge
    • Clone, or pull and extract the zip
  • Open IntelliJ
  • Choose “Open” (it’s a Gradle project)
  • Navigate to the reference code root, and enter

Source and test directories should already be tagged as such,
with test directories in green.

Confirm that everything builds correctly (and necessary libraries exist).
There should be errors in RectangleTest.
Fixing them is the first exercise!


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