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Utilities and Extensions for Exposed, because while Exposed is a pretty nice framework, it tries to support a lot of SQL dialects, so a lot of advanced features that aren’t supported by the SQL standard aren’t supported in Exposed.

Thankfully Exposed is very extendable, allowing you to support features that it doesn’t support out of the box! This repository contains a bunch of Exposed tidbits that I use on a lot of my projects.

Getting Started

repositories {

Then, in your dependencies…

dependencies {

Here’s an example!

dependencies {



Contains general purpose extensions and utilities for Exposed, not bound to a specific SQL dialect.


Contains PostgreSQL extensions and utilities for Exposed.

  • Basic jsonb support
    • You get and store data using Strings, the way how you are going to serialize and deserialize your data is up to you!
  • Create and update PostgreSQL enums with Java enums


transaction(test) {
// You need to create the PostgreSQL enum before creating any tables that depend on the enum
PlayerInfo.insert {
// The jsonb column returns a String, the serialization and deserialization is up to you!
it[PlayerInfo.information] = {\”name\”:\”MrPowerGamerBR\”}
it[PlayerInfo.favoriteCharacter] = CharacterType.LORITTA
object PlayerInfo : LongIdTable() {
val information = jsonb(information)
val favoriteCharacter = postgresEnumeration<CharacterType>(favorite_character)
// Keep in mind that there are some reserved types in PostgreSQL
// https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/sql-keywords-appendix.html
enum class CharacterType {


Instant timestamp(...) with PostgreSQL’s TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE.


transaction(test) {
// Exposed’s “timestamp” implementation has an issue where it depends on the system’s time zone.
// So if you inserted “Instant.now()”, it would depend on your system time zone, and that’s not good!
// Imagine if you have two machines in different time zones, and you are trying to keep an audit log,
// even if both codes were executed at the same time, due to time zone differences, both times would
// be different!
// If you ran the following code with Exposed’s “timestamp”, it will fail.
// That’s why we use the “timestampWithTimeZone”, read more at https://www.toolbox.com/tech/data-management/blogs/zone-of-misunderstanding-092811/
val now = Instant.now()
val id1 = ActionLog.insertAndGetId {
it[ActionLog.timestamp] = now
it[ActionLog.text] = Hello from UTC!
val id2 = ActionLog.insertAndGetId {
it[ActionLog.timestamp] = now
it[ActionLog.text] = Hello from America/Sao_Paulo!
val timezone1 = ActionLog.select { ActionLog.id eq id1 }.first()[ActionLog.timestamp]
val timezone2 = ActionLog.select { ActionLog.id eq id2 }.first()[ActionLog.timestamp]
assert(timezone1 == timezone2) { The instants aren’t equal! $timezone1 $timezone2 }
object ActionLog : LongIdTable() {
val timestamp = timestampWithTimeZone(timestamp)
val text = text(text)

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