Mobile application for Decentralized ML POC: Spotify Recommendation

This repo contains mobile applications to perform training on Spotify listening history.

The applications (Android / iOS) share code from a Kotlin/Native library under shared.

The Android application currently does not contain code to actually perform learning.

Setup (iOS)

You will need the following:

  • JDK & Gradle (for building shared library)
  • Xcode 13+
  • CocoaPods:
    sudo gem install cocoapods
  • cocoapods-generate plugin:
    sudo gem install cocoapods-generate
  1. In shared/src, run to link iosX64Main as iosArm64Main
  2. In shared, sync Gradle.
  3. In ios, run pod install
  4. Open ios/App.xcworkspace to run the app

The GitHub Link: