Minimal Android Launcher

A minimal launcher displaying only core apps you really need, with a note widget to quickly add reminders on your home screen.

About The Project

Date: April 2022

Heavily insprired by this minimalistic launcher, I wanted icons and a space to add notes as reminders on my home screen. Also wanted to practice and brush up on Kotlin.

Features of the Launcher

  • Notes/Reminders on your home page
  • Battery percentage indicator and Clock view
  • App Drawer showing icons and app name
  • Save apps to home screen to quickly access important apps

Built With

Getting Started

  • Clone and run the projec easily with Android Studio.
git clone https://github.com/jolenechong/androidLauncher.git


  • Displaying App Drawer and adding search function
  • Display time and date with TextClock view
  • Display Battery Percentage with BroadcastReciever
  • Added SQLite Database to store selected apps to be displayed on home page
  • Add and Delete selected apps from database
  • Added options to uninstall app and view app info
  • Added a new table to store notes
  • Improve UI
  • Allow customisations for background, accent colors and fonts (currently hardcoded)


Jolene – jolenech[email protected]

Project Link: https://github.com/jolenechong/bookingApp


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