Making good use of Discord‘s chat replacement functionality.

What is it?

This is used to wildcard-target endpoints of (a domain I own), and return a modified version of the tenor GIF based on the id provided at the end of the endpoint.

How does it work?

When a message with the following syntax:

  • s/<x>/<y>
    • More information on this functionality can be seen here.

is sent in any text-based Discord channel, your last sent message is edited, replacing the first occurrence of x, with y.

By typing s/e/r, you’re able to change any URL, to my URL.

Additional Information:

  • trnor-server is built with Kotlin using the Javalin platform.
  • We use a basic mapping of Tenor’s GifAPI.
    • Interested in a full implementation of it? I will be open-sourcing one soon!
  • By default, we return a templated meme with the provided gif overlayed on it.


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