Kotlin debugging evaulator in Minestom.


/k is shorthand, /ko is longhand

requires the permission “k.ok” and “k.store” for running scripts and storing them in the server, respectifully

OP overrides these two requirements.


/k println("Hello World!")

This is the equivalent of
/ko add println("Hello World!")
/ko eval
/ko dump

NOTE: This won’t actually run ko commands, and your current ko session will be safe.


You can use these to build longer test scripts

/ko import (import) – import anything, same format as code: * works as well

/ko add (line) – append a new line to the script

/ko insert (index) (line) – insert a line to the script

/ko show – sends the entire script to you

/ko eval – evaulates the script

/ko dump – erases all stored script, with a copy and paste to copy your script.

/ko undo – undo an action

/ko redo – redo an action

Extra Functions / Variables

You can get your current self using player.

println(String) automatically redirects to your own output.

mini(String) also redirects to your own output in colored text using the Adventure MiniMessage format.

execute(String) executes a command as you.


Download the jar from Releases
OR compile it yourself. Instructions to do so are in Compile header

Drop it into the /extensions folder.


Create a folder, then
Clone the repository using:

git clone https://github.com/Project-Cepi/k.git

Once it is cloned, make sure you have gradle installed, and run

./gradlew build on Mac or Linux, and

gradlew build on Windows.

This will output the jar to build/libs in the project directory.

Make sure to select the -all jar. If no shading is necessary, remove the shadowJar


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