Cinema Operator Demo App

Simple Cinema Operator Demo App for Android platform

Code Design Architecture

Code Design follows the following Design

  • View
    • The UI Design of the Code.
    • Built using pure Jetpack Compose
    • Usage of Accompanist Library for SwipeRefresh
    • Usage of Coil Library for Image Loading & Caching
  • ViewModel
    • The Presentation Logic of the View.
    • ViewModel class is used in the code logic
    • Coroutines are handled by viewModelScope.launch function
  • Usecase
    • The Business Logic of the ViewModel
    • Extension of the ViewModel
  • Model
    • data class object that is used to ferry data between all components
  • DataAccess
    • Acts as a Repository class for API Call & Local Data Access
    • API Call is using Retrofit Library


  • Use Kotlin Programming Language
  • Use Jetpack Compose to build the App. No XML Files development
  • Use Kotlin Coroutines
  • Use Dependency Injection (Simple Usage only)