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While using Kord, have you ever stopped and thought to yourself; “I wonder how I could add a command that adds a button that shows a fox whenever I want.” Well dear user, I have! To solve this problem I, Amy (ya queen, ya girl), decided to create a library that will let you create commands, components and other Discord interactions easily, quickly and effortlessly.

Meme over, serious only now

KFox is a Discord interaction library written in Kotlin built on-top of Kord. It will allow you to easily create and respond to any type of interaction that Kord (and by extension Discord) supports.




⚠️ KFox currently does not support automatically creating your commands on the Discord side of things.

Basic setup and first command

@Command("parrot", "Awk! I'll repeat whatever you say, awk!") // 2
suspend fun testCommand(
    context: PublicChatCommandContext, // 3
    @Parameter("content", "content-key") // 4
    value: String
) {
    context.response.createPublicFollowup {
        content = "Hi, I'm a friendly parakeet! You said \"$value,\" awk!"

suspend fun main() {
    val kord = Kord("your_token_here")
    kord.listen() // 1
  1. Ensure you call Kord#listen before you call Kord#login.
  2. Define a new function and annotate it with @Command.
  3. Hook in your context; ephemeral responses use EphemeralChatCommandContext, whereas public responses use PublicChatCommandContext.
  4. Define your parameters and annotate them with @Parameter.


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