KDoctor is a command-line tool that helps to set up the environment for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile app development.


KDoctor ensures that all required components are properly installed and ready for use.
If something is missed or not configured Kdoctor highlights the problem and suggests how to fix the problem.

KDoctor runs the following diagnostics:

  • System – checks operating system version
  • JDK – checks that JDK installation and JAVA_HOME setting
  • Android Studio – checks Android Studio installation, Kotlin and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugins
  • Xcode – checks Xcode installation and setup
  • Cocoapods – checks ruby environment, cocoapods and cocoapods-generate gems installation


KDoctor works on macOS only.



You can download an archive from GitHub:

  1. Go to Releases page
  2. Download the latest available version there
  3. Unpack it to preferred place

Build From Source

To build from source use:

git clone https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlin-interactive-shell
cd kdoctor
./gradlew assembleReleaseExecutableMacOs


Call KDoctor in the console and wait till it completes the diagnostics

Diagnosing Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile environment...

Once KDoctor finishes the diagnostics, it yields a report. If no problems are found your system is ready for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile development:

Your system is ready for Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Development!

If KDoctor notifies that there are problems, please review the report:

KDoctor has diagnosed one or more problems while checking your environment.
Please check the output for problem description and possible solutions.

Check the results of each diagnostic. There are 3 possible statuses:

  • [v] – Success
  • – Failure
  • [!] – Warning

Pay the most attention to the failed diagnostics ([x]) and look for messages that start with * for problem description and potential solution.

It is also worth checking diagnostics with warnings ([!]) and even successful messages as they may contain useful notes and tips.

Execute KDoctor with a -v option to print the tool’s version

kdoctor -v

##Sample output

[v] System                                           
    macOS (11.6.2)
    CPU:  Dual-Core Intel Core i5
[v] Java
    Java (java 17.0.1 2021-10-19 LTS)
    Location: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk-17.0.1.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/java
    * Note that, by default, Android Studio uses bundled JDK for Gradle tasks execution.
          Gradle JDK can be configured in Android Studio Preferences under Build, Execution, Deployment -> Build Tools -> Gradle section
[v] Android Studio
    Android Studio (2020.3)
    Location: /Applications/Android Studio.app
    Bundled Java: openjdk 11.0.10 2021-01-19
    Kotlin Plugin: 203-1.6.10-release-923-AS7717.8
    Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Plugin: 0.3.0(203-1.6.0-release-795-IJ)-54
[v] Xcode
    Xcode (13.2.1)
    Location: /Applications/Xcode.app
[v] Cocoapods
    ruby (ruby 2.6.3p62 (2019-04-16 revision 67580) [x86_64-darwin20])
    ruby gems (3.0.9)
    cocoapods (1.11.2)
    cocoapods-generate (2.2.2)




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