How to start

Start your own server with:

docker pull ghcr.io/jambeez/jambeez-server:latest
docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 ghcr.io/jambeez/jambeez-server:latest

Define your endpoint with: ws://localhost:8080/jambeez

Websocket Communication


Intent Description Payload to Server Response From Server
lobby:create Creates a new lobby Lobby
lobby:join User joins to an existing lobby JoinRequest To joined user: Lobby and to other members: User with intent: user:joined
lobby:update_parts Updates the parts of the lobby Parts Overwrites all parts of the lobby with updated parts. To others: Parts
part:change_bpm Sets the bpm of a part ChangeRequest Overwrites the bpm of the part and sends the update to all: ChangeRequest
user:joined Message that another user joined to the lobby User
user:change_alias Message that another user changed its alias To all: User


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