In-App Reviews for Jetpack Compose

This library provides an interface and a default implementation to make it easy to use Android’s In-App Reviews API in a Jetpack Compose project.

How it Works

The InAppReviewManager interface defines a method launchReviewFlow that can be used to launch the In-App Review flow. The DefaultInAppReviewManager class provides a default implementation of the interface that uses the Android’s In-App Reviews API to launch the review flow.

Example Usage

To use this library in your Jetpack Compose project, first add it as a dependency:

dependencies {
    implementation 'io.github.mertceyhan:compose-inappreviews:1.0.0'

Then, in your Composable function, call rememberInAppReviewManager to retrieve an instance of the InAppReviewManager. You can then call the launchReviewFlow method on this instance to launch the In-App Review flow.

fun MyScreen() {
    // Get Activity
    val activity = (LocalContext.current as Activity)

    // Remember an InAppReviewManager
    val inAppReviewManager = rememberInAppReviewManager()

    Box(modifier = Modifier.fillMaxSize(), contentAlignment = Alignment.Center) {
        Button(onClick = {
            inAppReviewManager.launchReviewFlow(activity = activity, onReviewRequestSuccess = {
                // Handle successful review request
                // Note that Android's In-App Reviews API says;
                //  "The flow has finished. The API does not indicate whether the user
                //  reviewed or not, or even whether the review dialog was shown. Thus, no
                //  matter the result, we continue our app flow."
                // @see [Launch the in-app review flow](
            }, onReviewRequestFail = {
                // Handle review request failure
        }) {
            Text(text = "Launch Review Flow")

How to Test

To test the In-App Review flow, you can follow the instructions in the official Android documentation here.


Contributions are welcome! If you would like to contribute to this library, please submit a pull request.


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