Import Documents into Space ?

This application imports documents from an external systems into JetBrains Space.

Here you can find a list of supported import sources and sample code.

Execution examples

From Confluence

$ docker run confluence
        --confluence-host https://<confluenceHost>
        --confluence-space-key "<spaceKey>" 
        --confluence-username <confluenceUsername> 
        --confluence-password <confluencePassword> 
        --space-server https://<domain>  
        --space-project-key <spaceProjectKey> 
        --space-token <spaceAccessToken>

As a spaceAccessToken you could use either personal access token or application permanent token.

Build and Run Locally

With Docker

docker build . -t space-documents-import
docker run space-documents-import ...

Without Docker

./gradlew jar  # prepare fat jar
java -jar build/libs/space-documents-import.jar # run from jar with arguments


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