Image Picker

A Image Picker Library for Android (Supports Android 12) with fully customizable UI

🔥 Features

  • Pick gallery images
  • Customizable and Material Design UI
  • Supports Android 12

🔥 RoadMap

  • Capture in Camera Mode (Work in Progress)
  • Videos Picker (In Future)

🔧 Installation

In settings.gradle file, add JitPack maven like below:

dependencyResolutionManagement {
    repositories {
        maven { url '' }

Add the following dependency in app build.gradle:

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.github.nafiskabbo:ImagePicker:1.0'

⚡ Usage

Define an ActivityResultLauncher class variable in Activity or Fragment.

private val launcher = registerImagePicker { images ->
    // Selected images are ready to use
        val sampleImage = images[0]

Then, launch image picker when needed.

  • With default configuration:
  • With customize configuration:

val config = ImagePickerConfig(
    statusBarColor = "#000000",
    isLightStatusBar = false,
    isFolderMode = true,
    isMultipleMode = true,
    maxSize = 10,
    rootDirectory = Config.ROOT_DIR_DOWNLOAD,
    subDirectory = "Photos",
    folderGridCount = GridCount(2, 4),
    imageGridCount = GridCount(3, 5),
    // See more at configuration attributes table below


Configuration attributes

Name Description Default
statusBarColor Status bar color (require API >= 21) #000000
isLightStatusBar Set status bar to light/dark mode to change it’s content to dark/light (require API >= 21) false
toolbarColor Toolbar color #212121
toolbarTextColor Toolbar text color #FFFFFF
toolbarIconColor Toolbar icon color #FFFFFF
backgroundColor Background color #424242
progressIndicatorColor Loading indicator color #009688
selectedIndicatorColor Selected image’s indicator color #1976D2
isCameraOnly (Work in Progress) Open camera, then capture and return an image false
isMultipleMode Allow to select multiple images true
isFolderMode Show images by folders false
folderGridCount Set folder colums for portrait and landscape orientation GridCount(2, 4)
imageGridCount Set image colums for portrait and landscape orientation GridCount(3, 5)
doneTitle Done button title DONE
folderTitle Toolbar title for folder mode (require FolderMode = true) Albums
imageTitle Toolbar title for image mode (require FolderMode = false) Photos
isShowCamera (Work in Progress) Show camera button true
isShowNumberIndicator Show selected image’s indicator as number false
isAlwaysShowDoneButton Show done button even though no images’ve been selected yet false
rootDirectory Public root directory of captured image, should be one of: RootDirectory.DCIM, RootDirectory.PICTURES, RootDirectory.DOWNLOADS. RootDirectory.DCIM
subDirectory Root directory’s sub folder of captured image Application name
maxSize Max images can be selected Int.MAX_VALUE
limitMessage Message to be displayed when total selected images exceeds max size
selectedImages List of images that will be shown as selected in ImagePicker Empty list

💥 Compatibility

  • Library – Android Marshmallow 5.0+ (API 21)


Version: 1.0

  • Initial Build

📃 Libraries Used

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Copyright (c) 2021 Nafis Islam Kabbo


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