Hello KMM!

Hello World in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (new empty project)


Getting started:

Kotlinlang.org hass instructions on getting you all setup from scratch; they can be found here.

Setup your environment.

Up to date instructions on how to configure your environment for KMM can be found on the KMM website.

If you are a more visual learner, the Kotlin team published a good video tutorial on YouTube titled, "Your First Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile App Tutorial".

Alternatively, the TL;DR:

  1. Install the latest Android Studio for your platform.
  2. Install the latest Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile plugin.
  3. Download the latest Xcode.
  4. Install cocoapods:
    • sudo gem install cocoapods
  5. Create a new KMM project, or clone this repository.
    • git clone https://github.com/BlakeBarrett/HelloKMM.git


  • Its always good practice to add a good .gitignore file to any new repository.
    I used gitignore.io to generate the ignore files in this repository.


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