Add summary and translation to an RSS feed

This project loads an RSS feed, summarizes each entry (blog post or podcast) into a list of key takeaways (using Kagi Universal Summarizer), translates the original content of the post (using DeepL) and generates the new feed with summary and translation.

Various configurable properties are hard-coded in Main.kt, the entry point of this project:

  • API keys:
    • Kagi Universal Summarizer: ~/APIKeys/kagi_key.txt
    • DeepL: ~/APIKeys/deepl_key.txt.
  • Cache directory: ~/.cache/rss-summarizer/
  • Output file: summary_feed.rss
  • Target language: KO (Korean)

Run Main.kt with an RSS feed URL as the first argument.

Future work

  • Make the whole project configurable from a configuration file such as ~/.config/rss-summarizer/config.toml.
  • Allow processing more than one RSS feed.
  • Use OpenAI Whisper to transcribe a podcast for more accurate summarization.
  • Fetch the content of a blog post using Postlight Reader when the feed doesn’t provide the full text.


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